Arborists, also known as tree care service providers specialize in individual tree care. As a matter of fact, they are basically well-equipped and well-trained to provide proper tree care as well as knowledgeable about the basic needs of your trees. Hiring a professional tree care service provider is a wise decision which must not be taken for granted. In addition to that, proper care of your trees is an investment which may result to substantial returns. Trees that are well-cared for are very attractive and may also add significant value to your residential or commercial property. Those trees that are poorly maintained, on the other hand, can definitely be a considerable liability. Furthermore, removing or pruning trees, especially those big trees, can be hazardous work. Tree work must be done only by the professionals and well-equipped individuals. 

What is a Professional Tree Care Service Provider? 

An arborist or a professional tree care service provider is basically an individual who is highly trained in the science and art of maintaining, planting and caring for individual trees. Certified arborists are those people who have reached the level of knowledge and skills in the field of tree care through theory and experience and by passing an academic and comprehensive examination created and developed by the nation’s most leading specialists on tree care

Services a Certified Arborist Can Offer 

1. Tree Removal 

Even though tree removal is practically your last option, there are still cases when it is required. A certified tree care service provider can help you decide whether your tree should be needed to remove or not. 

2. Pruning 

A certified arborist can figure out the kind of pruning needed to improve or somehow maintain the health, safety, and physical appearance of your trees. 

3. Plant Health Care 

Tree maintenance helps keep your trees in good condition while decreasing the rate of any disease, site, or insect problems. 

4. Planting 

Some certified tree care service providers plant trees and most of them can suggest species of trees which are appropriate for a certain location. 

5. Emergency Tree Care Service 

A professional tree care service provider such as tree service Cockeysville, MD can definitely assist you in doing emergency tree care service in a safe and proper manner while decreasing further risk of property damage as well as hazard to your family and entire neighborhood. 

Some other services are bracing and cabling trees, tree risk assessment, consulting services and a lot more. 

Tree Health 

Since trees are a dominant ornamental feature in your landscape, they basically share the space with shrubs, turfgrasses and some other plants. With that being said, all these plants are based in one common resource which is the soil. Actually, the roots of shrubs, bedding plants, turfgrasses and trees intermingle with each other and also compete for nutrients and water. Also, the roots of the single mature tree can extend well into your flower beds or lawn. All treatments applied to your lawn (such as herbicide or fertilizer) can affect the physical appearance and vitality of your tree.